We're Back

Tue, Aug, 29, 2017 · Brandon Joyce

TruthIt has returned! If you were here in 2013 when we attempted to build a better social network for intellectual debate, you probably remember how epicly that failed! Oh well, can't blame us for trying! It turns out making the world a better place can be pretty difficult sometimes. Who knew!?

So we put TruthIt away for a while, and worked on other things, but this problem of finding truth has only become worse in the world. We decided to come back with a much more modest approach. This time TruthIt is going to be an informational content site focused on helping people who want to improve their critical thinking skills.

We're not here to tell you what to think, or tell you what's true and what isn't. We will simply provide techniques and knowledge that will help you to make those decisions on your own.

One way we think we can assist is in helping people to become informed about the ways their brain works against them. We're assembling a library of articles on cognitive biases which are inherent in all of us as humans. The hope is that by we'll be better equiped to course correct by questioning our snap judgements.

We're also working on an outline for determining truth.

If you have suggestions or feedback for us, hit us up on Facebook anytime!

If you're just looking for a blast from TruthIt past. Check this out!