About Us

TruthIt is a small team of self-proclaimed rationalists. Just like everyone else, we've fallen for silly scams and believed in things that we later are embarrassed to admit. We've also witnessed so many of our freinds and family falling into the same traps. This seems like a problem worth fixing.

At one point we attempted to build a social networking app to help people have discourse on topics that people disagree on. While it did see some success, overall people didn't like going through the trouble of rationalizing everything they posted online. I suppose we should have seen that coming, but you can't blame us for trying.

After taking some time to reflect on how people behave and doing some research, we thought maybe we should just try to package up these useful facts and techniques into a website. Maybe by helping people to understand themselves better, we could encourage critical thinking in their everyday lives.

We're amateurs, but hopefully our colloquial way of presenting complex topics will help people who are like us. (not geniuses)

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