What is Truth?

There are numerous philosophies and theories that underpin what truth really means. Constructive conversations are so often sabotaged by the simple fact that people have different interpretations of truth.

Our only option is to agree on a definition and build from there. TruthIt, as a pragmatic website, is focused on practical truth. We define this as:

Practical Truth

A position that provides its holders with predictive advantages.

We've done our best to boil this down into the simplest definition possible, but it's worth explaining a bit. A position that can be held is the simple part. Someone that believes the Earth is flat is holding a position. What about this "predictive advantages"? We assert that holding true beliefs will allow you to more likely predict the future. That might sound like hocus pocus, but it's not magic. A contrived example of this would be the belief that drinking bleach is bad for you. A person that holds this position can correctly predict what happens if a person drinks bleach. Their life is healthier because of this belief.

TruthIt aims to help you find practical truths which we hope will help you in your life. We will rarely offer our own opinion on specific subjects, but definitely don't drink bleach!

How to Find Truth

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